Literature Language

For my literature exam I was studing An Inspector Calls by Priestley. Inorder to help me remember my analysis for each character I used a different colour scheme and font style for each one. Writing my notes like this catches my eye and makes me want to revise even more! Here's a look at my … Continue reading Literature Language


Winter Skin Care Routine

Recently I have been suffering from really bad dry skin and since I can be very lazy, I did nothing about it. After afew dys of researching I manage to buy the perfect selection of skin care products.  Having sensitive skin and mild acne I have to be really careful about what I use. Firstly … Continue reading Winter Skin Care Routine

Bohemian Picnic

There are so many bohemian picnic ideas on pinterest but let's be realistic, how many of us can actually re-create the same look. I know I can't so I had decided to host my very own 'realistic' picnic. This party is really easy and cheap especially if it's last minute. In order to create the … Continue reading Bohemian Picnic

June Haul

We all have that day when we go to town and buy whatever catches your eye without thinking twice, for me that is every day. I finally managed to get to town on the weekend and I think I got a little carried away. Most of the thinhs that I brought are from a range … Continue reading June Haul