Diy Hair Dye

For the past week or two, I have really been loving diys. I literally turned my room into a workshop with mess on the tables and tools chucked around but the end product has really been worth it. Today I was binge watching on youtube and I came across a video that made hair dye using kool aid. Now I didn’t actually have any kool aid so I replaced it with a far more popular item, a felt tip.  I used crayola and a stabilo fineliner but as I warning I would like to inform you that it is not easy to cut open.

Firstly, I spent about an hour trying to cut open a felt tip. Honestly it is way harder than what it seems like.

Then I squeezed the ink out of the cartridge and also got my fingers stained at the same time so I recommend using gloves.

Next I placed about two tablespoons of hair conditioner so that the dye was wash out.

Finally mix it all together and you have your own hair dye.

○ if you have darker hair then I recommend using more than one cartridge of ink so that it shows out more.

○it is optional how long that you leave the dye in however the longer the darker.


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