Winter Skin Care Routine

Recently I have been suffering from really bad dry skin and since I can be very lazy, I did nothing about it. After afew dys of researching I manage to buy the perfect selection of skin care products. 

Having sensitive skin and mild acne I have to be really careful about what I use. Firstly to cleanse and exfoliate my skin, I use the Simple oil balancing exfoliating wash. This contains witch hazle which helps reduce the amount of spots that I have. The scrub it self it amazing as it is not too harsh  yet it still removes all the dead skin.

Next I like to apply my Neutrogena face cream which reduces the redness on my skin, on top of that I add Aveno cream. This combination is perfect for tackling dry skin and it keeps my skin feeling hydrated through out the day.

Lastly I use the Simple Spot Zapper, I can not explain how good this is! Not only does is decrease the spot size but it also contributes towards removing the redness.

This quick simple routine is just right for any skin type and requires not much energy at all.

*I have been doing a lot of revision lately so if you want to see any inspiration/tips, let me know


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