Diy Peel Off Nail Polish

I am that type of person who would spend a ridiculous amount of money on an item that can be found at a cheaper price. Crazy right? Now around this time last year I purchased a nail polish from Little BU for a ridiculous price. Thr reason why I brought it was because I was looking for a peel off nail polish  and I could not find them any where in the UK.


So the week after I went to poundland and found three peel off nail polishes, this honestly made me feel so stupid. Anyway back to the point, the ones that I purchased from poundland smelt exactly like pva glue. Today I finallu got round to buying some and I created a substitute for my peel of nail polish

□ first I took around two tablespoons of pva glue

□ next I added one of my favourite nail polish colours and mixed them thoroughly till it had become a lighter green (or your chosen colour)

□ finally apply two thin layers and allow them to dry preferably with a hair dryer as it does not dry quick


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