Diy Candles

Now we all have that boring old plain candle that sits there in the corner of our room collecting all of the dust. Well I have now created something way more cheerful with just using a plain candle and crayons. Yep that's right, I made crayon candles and it looks amazing. All together I made … Continue reading Diy Candles

Diy Hair Dye

For the past week or two, I have really been loving diys. I literally turned my room into a workshop with mess on the tables and tools chucked around but the end product has really been worth it. Today I was binge watching on youtube and I came across a video that made hair dye … Continue reading Diy Hair Dye

Summer Wish List

In order to get into the summer feeling, I need to get a few things (a lot). I thought it would be nice to share with you what are my top 'wants' and 'needs'. Metalic Tatoos I absolutely love temporary tattoos! They are so practical and can replace any jewellery piece. Metalic tattoos have been … Continue reading Summer Wish List