Diy Peel Off Nail Polish

I am that type of person who would spend a ridiculous amount of money on an item that can be found at a cheaper price. Crazy right? Now around this time last year I purchased a nail polish from Little BU for a ridiculous price. Thr reason why I brought it was because I was … Continue reading Diy Peel Off Nail Polish


Diy Candles

Now we all have that boring old plain candle that sits there in the corner of our room collecting all of the dust. Well I have now created something way more cheerful with just using a plain candle and crayons. Yep that's right, I made crayon candles and it looks amazing. All together I made … Continue reading Diy Candles

Diy Hair Dye

For the past week or two, I have really been loving diys. I literally turned my room into a workshop with mess on the tables and tools chucked around but the end product has really been worth it. Today I was binge watching on youtube and I came across a video that made hair dye … Continue reading Diy Hair Dye

Summer Wish List

In order to get into the summer feeling, I need to get a few things (a lot). I thought it would be nice to share with you what are my top 'wants' and 'needs'. Metalic Tatoos I absolutely love temporary tattoos! They are so practical and can replace any jewellery piece. Metalic tattoos have been … Continue reading Summer Wish List