Diy Candles

Now we all have that boring old plain candle that sits there in the corner of our room collecting all of the dust. Well I have now created something way more cheerful with just using a plain candle and crayons. Yep that’s right, I made crayon candles and it looks amazing. All together I made 3 however my favourite one is the creamy yellow one.



◆ place the candle in a bowl of boiled water and cover with a lid
◆ wait till it has fully melted and take out the string that is used to burn
◆ in a separate mold place the string in the centre
◆ once the wax has fully melted, add any colour crayon or scent
◆ mix thoroughly and place immediately into the mold
◆ alow it to set for around an hour and take it out of the mold

That is it, this diy was super easy and really fun. Hope you enjoyed!


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