Pinterest DIY Crayola Art

Today I was in a creative mood so I took out ‘a few’ crayons and turned my bedroom into a three year old’s heaven (mess everywhere- paint on the walls and carpet). Now out of all of the failed pinterest diys that I did, the crayola art piece was by far my favourite. It was so quick and does not require any specific skill. My first attempt was done on a canvas and I will be sharing how I did that however I also attempted to do it on something a little more unusual which you will be seeing within the next few days.

You will need:
a pack of wax crayons
☆ a canvas
☆ hair dryer
☆ mat/newspaper
☆ glue


1. Firstly, place an old plastic mat on the floor and stick some newspaper around the walls to protect any wax from getting on it.

2. Choose your colours and mark on the canvas where you are going to position them.

3. Using either a glue stick or a glue gun stick the colours at the top of the canvas facing downwards.


4. Next, get the hairdryer and just keep moving it around the bottom of the crayons (the part on the canvas) until it has melted enough.

5. To make the colours spread out more, simply move the hairdryer towards either the left or right.

That’s is it. You don’t need to wait that long as it drys straight away. I think this is such a great idea if you have any crayons lying around.




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