Ted Baker Bag Review

I am a bag collector, I will honestly go out, buy a bunch of bags and never use them however in January I spotted a bag that had won over my attention…a ted baker.

Now this bag was over my usuall budget for a handbag but I was just so drawn to it. I had seen it on selfridges and I was really excited to see what the packaging would be like (as well as the bag itself). Being from selfridges, the delivery was £4/£5 and the bag was on sale for £17. I purchased it in bronze as rose gold had already sold out. The bag came just after a week which made me disappointed as I had payed more for delivery than what I would usually pay. It was in quite a big cardboard box which was stuffed with polkadoted tissue paper. Once I had opened the bag, I realised that it was a limited edition from their Christmas range.

On to practicality, this isn’t a bag that I would use everyday. I like it but I would have preferred to buy a skinnydip bag. I use it once a week as a study bag for classes on the weekend. So far it is still in an alright condition however at the bottom of the bag there are a few scratches. My favourite thing about it is that if any dirt gets on it, I can just wipe it of as it is a plasticy material.

Overall I think that this bag is good for part time use and is a great gift for someone however it is not worth £25 (original price).


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