Spring-Summer Evening Routine

Hi everyone, today was probably one of the hottest days so far, I was literally dying. To make the situation even worse, I was wearing a thick knitted cardigan. Back to the main topic…routines. I love routines, I literally have one from everything but with summer on the way I need to change a few things.

Firstly, I would take a shower to cool me down. Now usually I have a shower in hot water but when summer comes I am prone to taking showers in cold water. For my hair I use Tresemme 2 in 1, I find this so useful especially when you’re in a rush. I adore all hair products by Tresemme, they leave my hair so soft and have such an amazing smell. Normally I use a tea tree body wash by Australian Bodycare as it is possibly the best skin wash for sensitive skin however sometimes I like
to change it to Lush snow fairy or even Johnson classic baby wash (I’m addicted to the smell)!

After, I would do some work or last minute revision then apply a face mask. I love using Sephora masks, my favourite is the rose one. Whilst I have the mask on, I would probably read a book for a while and check any dates in my calendar. An essential which I have next to my bed every night is my water bottle which you will see in my homeware haul soon.

That’s it for today but I have some smack recipes coming soon, let me know what you want me to include.


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