Spain Haul

I’m back after a weeks long of rest on the beach. Now I was debating about whether or not I should do this post before telling you all about my trip experience but I got slightly impatient. In the UK we don’t have a few of the shops that they have in Spain so I was so tempted to over buy. Yet again I can back with so many euros (last time I went abroad the same thing happened).



When I saw Sephora, I rushed in like there was no tomorrow. I went to the store in Granada on Reyes Catolicos and it was amazing. They had every single brand you could imagine (but not EOS). So I picked up two items however I wish that I had picked up more when I think about it. I brought two masks: rose face mask and the Shea lip mask. Both products were by Sephora. The face mask was around £3 – £4 which can be seen as quite expensive for something  that you wear once but I can’t wait to see what it does. I have actually already used the lip mask, it is like a thin sheet of slimy paper that you keep on your lips. It can feel slightly uncomfortable but it leaves you lips so smooth and moisturized. The lip mask was around £2. That’s all I got from Sephora but next time if I return I will have a lot more things (I hope).


This is another shop which was on Reyes Catolicos. It is a small boutique which sells the cutest  accessories ever. I am so happy that I went in and got a few thing. My favourite thing about this store is that none of the items were too pricey compared to other stores. I brought two scarfs which are sort of a jersey material and one bracelet which I love to pieces. The bracelet can be tightened by string which means it can fit any type of wrist. The scarves are in a dusty grey shade and a peachy cream. I’m currently quite into natural shades as they match with anything. One thing that I wish a brought was a bag from Chik, they were plain but bold. Moving on to the prices now, the scarves were £2 and the bracelet was £1. Hopefully when I start doing some look books, you will get to see them.

Duty Free – Malaga

On the way back I had a lot of euros left so I had to spend them all in duty free. It was so hard to decide because they make everything seem cheaper than usual high street prices but if anything they are more expensive. I must have walked around the whole store ten times with an empty basket before I decided what I was getting. Firstly, I got a Japanese cherry blossom shower gel (£3)  from the Body Shop section. The main reason I got it was because the packaging was so elegant, this was a mistake, I hadn’t actually smelt it until I got home. The smell is really strong but there is a hint of it which reminds me of baby body wash. Next I got probably the best cookies that I have ever had…Bad Torro cookies. These cookies are simullar to any other chocolate chip treats but once you bit into them they have a centre with soft chocolate. If you want me to do a recipe for these, then make sure you let me know either on the poll or in the comments. Finally, I got two bars of Swiss milk chocolate to give as gifts.

That’s all I got from Spain,make sure you like this post if you want to see more hauls. Bye.


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