Flight Essential

I struggled with packing my bag for the plane, I didn’t know what I would need therefore today I am going to help you all and share what you will actually need for a trip on a plane.

★ a good sized bag
I took my small Ted Baker bag which I purchased in January from Selfridges. I will try and to a separate review for it if you want. Now last time I went abroad I took a bag pack and I have realised that it is best to take a bag pack. It makes travelling around way easier. My arms were really hurting by the time that I got on the plane as I had been carring my Ted Baker bag and pulling around the suitcase.

These are essential for if you want to listen to your music or watch videos.

★eye mask
By eye mask I mean a sleeping one that you put on before bed. It’s very useful if you have these on when you’re sleeping as it will allow everyone around you to realise that you are asleep and it will prevent any disturbance.

★book, ipad, laptop
If you are like me and you can’t sleep on planes, you will definitely need a good book to keep you entertained for the flight. I get really bored so I took a lot of things to keep me entertained (ipad,book and notebook).

This can save you a lot of money on planes as they sell them at ridiculous prices. On one flight it was £3 for a small box of pringles.


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