Blogging Q&A

I’m back after a long few months of exams and essays. I want to try and blog at least once a week, now that I have my new phone. Hopefully over the next few weeks I should have some more exciting posts as I am going to Spain.

Moving on to today, I thought that it would be interesting if I shsre with you my experience blogging and what I have learnt. Below I will answer some of the most common questions that people ask me when I tell them that I blog.

Is blogging easy?
It depends, if are doing it for passion then yes, you will find it easy and fun however if you are just doing it for the sake of free things and publicity then no. Blogging is good if you can commit to it, it requires time and patience.

Do you get free stuff?
No, sometimes companies may send you something to review but you need to have a good strong blog. You cannot use blogging for the freebies, you should blog for fun.

What do you write about?
This is were blogging can become difficult for some people. It’s a hard decision deciding what to blog about because it needs to be something that you are passionate about and enjoy, if not then you will find it harder. My blog is a lifestyle blog. I like lifestyle blogs because you can just post about anything in life.

I want to blog, what advice do you suggest?
Take your time. I set up three other blogs until I was a hundred percent sure that it was my style. Try out different sites such as wix, blogger or wordpress.

Which blogging platform do you prefer?
I prefer wordpress because for me it’s really easy to use and quite practical. It just takes a bit of getting used to. Wix is also good but the domain name ends up being so long. I have tried blogger but I find it a little to complicated for me.

Thanks for reading, make sure you leave any suggestions for my next post.



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