Yog Nog Bath Bomb 

I am so sorry that I haven’t been blogging for a while, WordPress kept on crashing on me but I have so many exciting things to share with you. Firstly, I used one of my bath bombs from my Boxing Day haul and I totally regret what I said about it. I am now so happy that I had brought it. The smell was okay, it was liveable. It smelt of really strong sugar mixed with a bit of ginger. The bath bomb was mainly yellow with small sections of white so I thought that the water would turn into a pale yellow. It was way better then I had expected, the water stared of as a bright yellow. Slowly, white bubbles started to form. Then under neath the bath bomb was an organge soap. I’m not sure if it was a soap of a massage bar but it left my skin so soft. Also floating around the bath was gold glitter. Once the bath bomb had melted, the water became a fluorescent yellowish green like a tennis ball. 



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