DIY Bedroom Accessories 

I have recently become in love with bedroom accessories but I have been so busy that I haven’t managed to go to town to actually buy any, so today I had a light bulb moment. Why not make my own bedroom accessories. I gathered up any old rubbish that I could fine to create two pencil/pen pots and a ‘fairy’ chain/garland.

Pencil Pots

All you need for this is a glass jar and some string or ribbon. I used a glass jar that had came with pasta sauce and just peeled of the label, if you do use a pasta jar remember to soak it so it doesn’t not smell of the sauce and I recommend using on with an easy label to take off. Next, get some ribbon or string and just tie it around the top to add some colour then you are done. It can be personalised as much as you like, add gems or washi tape.

Fairy Garlands

This is literally the quickest thing to make if you want to add a vintage themed element to your room however you need to be extremely delicate. All you need is some bath flowers, a needle, string and any other decorations. The reason why I used my bath flowers is because they were absolutely horrible in the bath. 

  1. Open out the bath flower so that the layers are on top of each other (see the first image).
  2. Using the needle, make a small hole through the centre of the flower and put the string through it.
  3. Repeat for how ever many flowers you want to use.

I added some pins to keep them in place.




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