One thing that I cannot live without 

We all have that one product that without it in our lives we will not be complete. For many people it would be their phones or wifi but for me it’s way different. Coconut oil. It has so many uses that there would be too many to list. I mainly use it to moisturise my face, to keep my lips unchapped and as an eye cream. Coconut oil is mainly known for the product that makes your hair thicker and even slightly longer. Some people use it for cooking but the oil that I have brought is specifically for your skin. One of the best things about it is that it contains vitamin E. This is really good for reducing eye bags and moisturising. I use this everyday (when I can be bothered) after I have washed my face and it makes a big difference. It has cleared up my breakouts and prevents my dry skin. I have used a lot of moisturisers such as brands like simple but none have them have worked the same way as the coconut oil. I purchased this from Superdrug and it is from their brand collection. It was only  £1.45 for 125ml (which is a lot).


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