Should I Go To London Fashion Weekend?

It’s nearly been a whole month and I have already broken my New Years resolution but I have so many exiting posts to share with you. So continuing with today’s topic: shall I go to   London Fashion Weekend? I have many reasons to go but on the other hand I wanted to just save my money for a Chanel bag and if I buy a ticket then I will have around another 50 years to save for the bag. For anyone who doesn’t know, London Fashion Weekend takes place after they have had all of the main catwalks (where all the celebrities visit) as they are not open to the public, so they have a weekend where it’s like the event during the week but just slightly smaller. This year it is taking place at the Saatchi Gallery (in London) so I think that even if I buy the bronze ticket, I can still get to wonder around the gallery whilst I’m there. Each categorised ticket has a different status, for example with a silver ticket you would get an entry ticket, access to exclusive offers, catwalk show, access to open talks and a limited edition designer tote bag all for £40. The ticket that I’m interested in is bronze, it includes entry to the event, exclusive offers and access to open talks for £20. The reason why I would go for that ticket is because I just want to go and experience everything as it may be a once in a lifetime experience due to exams that I have coming up, I don’t mind not going to any catwalks because the press will post pictures of the clothes anyway. The talks range from brands such as Toni & Guy, Maybeline and many more. Any suggestions?



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