What I Do In My Free Time

So I have a lot of free time and I mean A LOT. Yesterday I was trying to look for more this that I can do however the result on google was not very good. I visited on website which had a list of six things that universities love to see people to and it had a few good activities but not that many. Today I realised that I actually do quite a bit so why not created my own list for anyone who needs ideas.

Learn Languages

I absolutely love languages. I would never stop learning languages because I feel that they enable me to not stop learning as there is always new words to learn. I have learnt French and Spanish, at the moment I am just trying to prepare for a GCSE in them. Additionally, I am learning transliterate Mandarin (it’s basically Mandarin but using the English alphabet). It is quite hard to learn but I like being challenged. On my phone I have an app called Chinese Skills and it allows me to learn vocabulary when I do not have internet so I can use it on the bus etc. Another language that I’m learning is Italian, I find it more easier than Mandarin because it is legitimately a mixture of Spanish and French.


Yoga is the key to relaxation. It takes all the stress of your shoulders and pushed you to your limits. I do yoga every Friday at home using YouTube. There are so many videos that know I have started to develop my own yoga routine.


I use code academy. It is an online site that allows you to do coding courses for free. It can be quite hard but you just have to pay attention to the notes at the start of the course. I first heard about this in Oxford Royale.


I think that writing your own autobiography is such a good idea. You can keep it throughout the years and constantly add to it. It’s a nice memory of all you big events.



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