Lush Bath Oils

This is now my second time writing this as before I deleted it accidently. A few months ago I went to the Lush on Oxford Street. I purchased a few bath oils as at the time they were exclusive to that store however now they are available online and instore but there is only a small collection of them. Bath oils are only £2 and are simullar to bath bombs but the only difference is that they are small and produce essential oils. 

Flowers Barrow

This was my favourite. It may not look that attractive but it smells devine. I love the petals that are surrounding it because when it was in the water they all floated of the green ball underneath. Overall it made the bath a light green and made my skin extremely soft. I would definatly purchase this again if I went back to London as it is not available anywhere else.


I would have not purchased this if one of the staff hadn’t of pursuaded me. It smells just like chocolate orange! It left the bath in a light orange colour with little elements of glitter floating around. The only problem I had with it was that it stained my towel.



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