Boxing Day Haul

I am so happy with all of my purchases. It was literally one of the best sales I have ever been to. I spent the most money in Lush and brought a few little things from other shops.


To be at their sale made me so happy as it is the only sale that they have. I went mad and literally added anything to my basket without even smelling it so some of the things I would buy again as I am not to keen on them. I haven’t used any of the products yet besides one so once I have there will be a review about them. I regret not buying the Santa lip scrub as it was only £2.50. Everything in the store was half price and there was a small sale online however on Boxing Day the website crashed and was not back up till 10pm. At 10 o’clock,there was a que online to add sale items to your basket, at one point there were 17656 users ahead of me waiting. 

I purchased two gift sets which were: Little snow fairy and Joy to the world. In the first gift set I received 100g of fun in pink which smells just like bubblegum and 100g of snow fairy shower gel. I love all of the products from the snow fairy range so I also brought the magic wand bubble bar and the snow fairy dusting powder. The bubble bar looks so cute as it comes with a bell and pink ribbon. I like the fact that bubble bars are reusable as it saves me a lot of money. The snow fairy  dusting powder is similar to talcum powder but it contains glitter, additionally it can be sprinkled on bed sheets to have a bubblegum smelling bed. In the second gift set I got 100g of yog nog soap and the love and light hand cream. Personally I would not buy the yog nog soap as it does not have one of the best smells. The hand cream is nice even though the smell is unusually.  I also brought the yog nog bath bomb which again is not the best smell but I didn’t really get a chance to smell it as I was in a rush. My favourite purchase is the snow angle bath melt because at the top it is a white colour however at the bottom it has a whole layer of gold glitter. The last bath bomb that I got is the stardust bath bomb, it smells so refreshing. I also got a peeping Santa bubble bar. I have never tried fun so I picked up to bars of it, one is called magic of Christmas and it has four different coloured sections and the other is called Santa with four different colours.  



The only thing that I purchased from H&M was a dress. It is khaki lace dress and was £10. They had it in black and burgundy but I wanted it to match my cream jeans. There’s a picture of my outfit below (excuse the photography, my 8 year old cousin did it):    



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