Boxing Day Experience 

I’m back. Sorry I have not been blogging that often, hopefully next year I will post at least every Friday. Last Saturday was Boxing Day and I could not resist the sales. This post is about my experience but it will be followed up with a Boxing Day haul. 

The first shop I went to was Next. It was probably one of the busiest shops. It was that hot and busy that someone fainted. I got to Next at 9:30 and it was not that busy but as time went on more and more people were coming in for the sale. Luckily there was no que outside of the shop unlike Lush. Lush is one of my favourite shops and when I heard they were having a sale, I rushed over. Outside there was a medium sized que as they were only allowing around 10 people in (even though there was about 20 people inside). Inside there were so any people so I just lined up and picked up all my items as I went around. One shop that I was disappointed in was Superdrug, there was a sale online for all the zoella items but they were all sold out by 02:30 am!

Overall the town city centre was not as busy as expected but as time went on the number of  people started to increase.



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