Revision Tips

Revision is probably the best thing that helps me pass tests. I used to never revise for exams as I was already getting high marks but after that one time I kept getting lower marks. This was when I was introduced to revision. I learnt that everyone has diffrent methods to revise and that they all work no matter what method is used.

Playing Games

This probably sounds so childish right now but it is a very good way to revise when you are on the go. For example I have just downloaded Chinese Skills a day a go and I can already put sentences together. With apps being on your phone or any electronic device that you are frequently on, it means that you will be revising a lot of the time. Additionally most educational apps do not require wifi which means that you can go on it whenever. At the momment my favourite app is TED (ted talks, not the bear), I like the fact that you can download speeches and listen to them when you’re out.

Revision Cards and Mind Maps

The image of the revision cards (above as the blog icon) are from wilkos for £1.00. I always make revision cards for revision as I can make them colourful and save them for the future. There are so many ideas for mind maps on pinterest that will make you want to revise every single day!


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